Nexus Global Finance promotes the presence of Spanish companies abroad and helps international companies willing to export or invest in Spain. In order to do this, we channel the contacts brought by the activities of Nexus Fostering Partnership with Public Agencies and foreign private entities. We establish contacts with them, closing B2B meetings, offering analysis and summaries of legal and fiscal legislation and individual meetings with the authorities of the country of destination. We have one aim in mind: that the process of entry into these markets is efficient and fast, making Nexus Global Finance an appropriate channel for this purpose.

Functions that we perform:


We help you select appropriate markets for your company, select the form of entry (purchase of a local partner, joint ventures, organic growth, exports, etc), we evaluate risks, needed resources, legal and tax regulations and local relations.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Capital Growth, Expansion.

Nexus Global Finance has a proven track-record in over 40 transactions of different sizes, cross border, in all sectors. Likewise we can undertake Assets Investments, Real Estate, Hotels and Shopping Malls.

 Import and Export Activities

Food, raw materials, petroleum products. Because of its relations with several countries, Nexus aims to promote foreign trade in these areas, creating a multidirectional network in the medium term.

Identification of Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation and Construction Projects to be committed in each country

Nexus is in constant contact with the most important Spanish players with global presence in the field of infrastructure.

Project Finance of Infrastructure projects

Nexus is in contact with the most active Infrastructure and Mutual and Sovereign Funds with the idea of covering and structuring project finance for the long or very long term. Nexus has the capacity to assist in the structuring of such Financing.