What we do

Nexus Fostering Partnership is a Spanish company with international presence and with a large and contrasted experience in markets of difficult access for Spanish companies. We are specialized in the acceleration of non strategic business processes, activating their commercial processes, as well as market opening, new channels and clients.

Nexus adds value to the companies providing services that are not in their daily schedule, opening their business to new investment and business opportunities in markets and areas out their daily activity. We accelerate the commercial processes and the promotion of companies, facilitating the entrance of new channels and markets, as well as generating new opportunities in an efficient way. Our clients benefit from our experience and network in different markets.

Our Approach

Since 2006, Nexus has connected, facilitated and accelerated the process of insertion of a great number of companies in new markets, identifying opportunities, closing agendas and fostering new businesses, strategic alliances and international partners.

We are experts in organizing business and investment forums where we successfully gather selected high profile companies and institutions that fulfill our client’s expectations throughout actions that the client does not have the time or the ability to carry out by themselves. Our services are always focused to the action and achievement of tangible results. To this end, we offer services of internationalization that include prospection and opening of new markets, business representation, closing of agendas, follow-up, negotiations and organization of business delegations.

In order to accelerate and encourage the effective exchange of business and investment opportunities, we organize and collaborate developing business meetings, acting as catalyst of opportunities, as well as coordinating B2B meetings, facilitating the exchange of real opportunities, matching offer and demand and monitoring the process with a post follow-up.

We successfully carry out the representation, on a temporary or permanent basis, of foreign companies in our country, looking for local partners, clients and/or suppliers or companies that simply require to close a commercial agenda or support in trade fairs.

We have great knowledge of the Spanish business community and we frequently manage contacts with more than 1,500 Spanish companies in different sectors, which aims us to give fast solutions to the opportunities that lie ahead.

We always provide ad hoc and designed services based on the requirements of our clients. In Nexus, institutional relations are extremely important to us and we have, among our clients, a great number of Embassies, Investment and Promotion Agencies, as well as Exporters Associations and Chambers of Commerce in different countries. Our excellent work relationships with those institutions is an important added value for our clients.