Our business meetings are the perfect platform to promote business and investment opportunities in specific sectors or countries. The purpose of these meetings is to create an adequate platform where companies and institutions can meet, talk to each other and detect new B2B and B2G opportunities, promoting business cooperation and development of joint venture agreements.

Nexus invites speakers from the highest category, executives of major corporations, and attracts success stories that inspire and show the potential of doing business in the country or region we are showcasing.

For our clients, this is a unique platform to stand out and reach out to the Spanish corporate elite, willing to discover new markets and a world leader in some of the most crucial sectors needed for strengthening the economies of growing nations.

For Spanish companies, our events are a reference point for showcasing their brand, discovering opportunities for expansion into new markets and strengthening their presence in them.

Sectorial Meetings/Business Breakfasts

In addition to the organization of Business Summits in which a large number of attendees participate, Nexus organizes sectorial, breakfasts and private meetings of high level, aimed at promoting concrete opportunities among a small number of carefully selected companies. The purpose of these meetings with low profile but high value is precisely to accelerate the process of decision making, setting the decision-makers and providing them with the information and tools necessary for an immediate decision on projects of great potential that do not interest, for different reasons, to promote openly.

How we work:

  1. We define with our client the potential audience. Selecting said audience and applying the filters specified by the customer. Preliminary contact with the market to assess initial interest.
  2. Review the findings and subsequent analysis and assessment with the client, to incorporate customer input to the preselection of companies to be contacted.
  3. Calls to the companies selected together with the client. Market opening and trade visits.
  4. Report of the market opening, including business briefing and summary of the actions taken. Last customer valuation in order to make the last selection of companies attending the business/breakfast/sectorial meeting.
  5. Executive summary and conclusions of the act.

Nexus provides additional services in the organization of a Business Summit

– Communication

Our excellent relationships with major media groups in Spain, allows us to use a variety of media in television, radio, newspapers and the Internet, to provide our clients message with maximum impact. Before the Business Meeting, we call on all national and international media outlets in Spain to ensure maximum visibility for the event. Subsequently, we conducted a comprehensive monitoring of information published and produce a press kit that quantifies the media impact of our campaign in the country.


– Web Page

In order to have a platform that is consistently and continuously up to date with the information of the meeting, we will create an exclusive website for the business meeting.

On the website the following items are included:

  • Event description • Biographies of speakers • Program • Image gallery • Online Registration • Twitter feed • Logos of sponsors and partners • Location of the meeting via Google Maps

In addition to the web, Nexus uses the power of social media to get a wider audience and to keep everyone informed through updates and news.

– Corporate Image

We will design and print out the necessary corporate image of the Meeting, which will normally consist of:

  • Program • Folder • Notepad • Banner • Poster for the room in which the event is held.

– Corporate Photography and Video

A professional photographer will cover the entire business meeting. The material will be delivered to the customer for its own use. In addition, a video summary with the highlights of the meeting will be produced.