Nexus offers a tailor-made representation service to foreign Institutions such as Investment and Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, States and Municipalities from third countries. Our goal is to systematically and continuously promote, encourage and channel investment into these markets.

Nexus offers a tailor-made representation offer catering to the investment needs of foreign investment promotion agencies from third countries. Our goal is to systematically and continuously promote, encourage and channel investment into these countries.

Our customers benefit from our broad client portfolio and know-how of the Spanish market, which allows us to develop a continued activity on the ground, becoming an efficient ally and importantly reducing costs.

Nexus is a very well connected company that has worked during many years in collaboration with key companies and Economic and Financial Development Organizations at a national and European level.

  • Since 2006, Nexus has shown its capacity to represent economic and investment development agencies, developing commercial and investment relationships and organizing commercial missions.
  • Our team has great knowledge in business execution at an international level.
  • Over the last years, Nexus has developed a wide data base of Spanish companies at a multisector level.
  • Our modern facilities are located in the financial heart of Madrid, being perfectly equipped with the latest technologies and qualities.
  • We have a large and contrasted experience representing Foreign Trade and Development Organizations of different countries and regions.
  • The highly qualified staff members of Nexus know how to work as a team and are familiarized with the necessities of the public and private institutions.
  • Skills, talent and motivation to achieve our objectives are some of the main qualities of our team.

We offer our clients the full and professional services they need in Spain, not only in the international trade sector but also attracting investment, giving valued assessment, market investigation as well as presence and contact with the main economic agents.

Nexus Fostering Partnership is the perfect partner in Spain for those companies and institutions that wish to strengthen their presence in our country without having to carry out an intensive implementation. We help companies and institutions to raise their profile, increase their visibility and conduct marketing and commercial actions targeted by audiences.

Through the corporate representation, your company will have a physical office in the financial district of Madrid, from where all business and commercial activities that are required acting on your behalf will be managed.

You will have telephone assistance during working hours from Monday to Friday, as well as an identification plate. From that office, all the steps will be taken to increase its portfolio of clients and / or contracts-projects in the country:

  • Representation of your company in Spain.
  • Representative office at your disposal.
  • Personnel exclusively dedicated to market research on trends, companies, sectors or key economic and commercial figures.
  • Search and analysis of potential partners. This work will have its corresponding report.
  • Contact with no less than 10 potential clients each month, closing meetings with them.
  • Nexus staff will operate as a representative of your company to the rest of economic agents.
  • Assistance on behalf of your company to all relevant fairs and congresses in the sector.
  • Search and advice for operations in the country.